BullGlobal Launch

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We will be launching BullBots with an innovative and inclusive way for people to get involved using NFTs and a surprise reveal.
In addition to getting the NFTs participants will also have the right to a % claim on any profits from our bots performance potentially providing, over time, a passive income to the NFT holders.
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We will deposit $300,000 of the capital raised during the minting event into 3 Bot accounts ($100k in each, Silver / Gold / Platinum).
· 10,000 NFTs Available
· Cash prizes from 5 BNB up to $1m BUSD on offer
· BullBots Revenue Share – 79 NFTs get lifetime access to our bots
· Winning BullBots Revenue share tickets are valid for a 50% value claim redeemable instantly
· Every NFT is exchangeable for your very own avatar at bullgaming.io or 2 months free bot access
· $600 per mint payable in BUSD
The total Value created for the ecosystem and its users is estimated at $3,375,000 including $1,000,000 pledged for liquidity which will be deposited onto our own AMM
To make this mint extra special, we are also including a buyback function offered on the highest mint tier and making the NFT instantly liquid. The 1:1 El Diablo will be worth $24,000 in BullBots Capital for which we will be offering a buyout of $12,000 representing ~4000 % instantly after the reveal.
Full details can be found here: <https://www.bullbots.io/nft-info/>