๐ŸšœThe Bull Ring

Yield Farming Gamification

The Bullring Gamification of Yield farming, tokens are used for in game purchases and maintaining your avatar (bullbot) In game tokens are earned by 1. providing Bulc / Busd liquidity and then staking your LP tokens 2. in game rewards 3. Bullglobal challenges (purchases could be available at a later date if appetite is there, liquidity could be provided and loyal users could benefit)

Avatars can be personalised and upgraded through a combination of experience points (xp) and the gaming token (tbc)

your avatar needs feeding otherwise it will die accessories can be purchased, weapons / armour. also intelligence and other things can be bought battles can take place (development idea, probably not for 2022) in the first instance this can be something as simple as a dice roll, the ranking of your bull dictates the number of dice you have ranging from 1 up to 6. the idea is that you spend time and money in the ecosystem to build a strong avatar that is rare and is your profile in the bullverse, this can also be used to make you money in the battles.

The game would center around levels, like a real bull fight where there are 3 stages ending with the main fight against the matador.

develop the idea further.... see wiki on Spanish bull fighting especially miura bloodline

this game will incorporate NFTs which might later be offered for sale in the open market


Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Ticker: RING

Contract address: TBC

Max Supply: 100,000,000,000 (TBC)

  • Start Block: TBC

  • No pre-farming

  • No pre-mining

Emission Rate: The target long-term emission rate is 1 RING/block (considering 1s block times). Given this block speeds will most likely be higher, emission rates will be adjusted to target a set amount of RING per week. The initial rate of 6.15 RING/block during the Turbo Phase will be lowered gradually over time.

Block Time Explanation

8% of minted RING goes to the teamโ€™s address to be used as incentives and prizes to develop engagement and community engagement.

There are no pre-allocated funds.

BullExchange LP Tokens


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