Bull Global is your entry point into a crypto ecosystem designed exclusively with the needs of the modern investor in mind.

Bull Global Ltd is the holding company for our domains and products;

As separate entities they offer bespoke services and opportunities for investors by themselves, collectively they represent the culmination of several years of research and development to furnish our users with a unique value proposition.

Our initial Launch was penciled for 2021 however with the macro economic environment progress was indeed slowed even in this digital world.

2022 will see the first fruits of our labours with phase #1 of our roadmap;

We utilize innovative and engaging technologies to optimize experience and enhance traditional investment options.

Digital ownership via NFTs found its feet in 2021 with adoption across multiple industries and demographics. Whether through supply / demand law or utility, NFTs were front and center helping bring new users and adoption. This has helped us at BullGlobal focus on the importance of building utility into an ecosystem to maintain both value but above all service the wants & needs of our community.

We have prioritized the launch of our trading bots alongside a promotion for access tapping into the available technology and current trend within the crypto space using NFTs combined with utility.

Simultaneous with this we will also be launching our own AMM to optimize revenue generation through management of our own liquidity and give us future options around growth.

For community engagement we have begun to build out a gaming product that will be used primarily for educational purposes and give all users an understanding of DeFi tooling and mechanics whilst also providing entertainment which will generate protocol revenues. Taking this one step further we wish to harness the speed and scalability of BSC to deliver a betting platform that is fun.

Meet the Team

Ryan aka “Bull Of Bitcoin” is the founder of BullGlobal. Bull started his crypto journey in 2017 slowly transforming from a veteran property developer to full time trader and DeFi builder/project owner.

Picking aka "Picking Trades" our resident technology enthusiast with a passion for education. Picking provides incredible insight into the operational details of some of the most complicated aspects of DeFi.

Kayak Studio are our engineering partners supporting product development and delivery of all our BSC products including Front/Back-end works, UI Dev, Smart Contracts and site management.

The brains behind our Algo! Mirco is our chief engineer for BullBots developing the algorithmic trading strategy synthesized from Ryan's MA strategy.

Ogre aka " Altaran " runs our team of 10 mods. He is also our in house smart contract auditor and is a great addition to the team.

MVR coordinates and facilitates on our BullBets platform to support gameplay and drive engagement.

Bull Global Admin Team consists of 10 admin/mods that deliver 24/7 cover across our platforms with roles ranging from general chat, questions answered to joining in with games to enhance user experience.

Blizzard.money is one of partners with a lot of exciting new works in the making. We currently run our BULC and XBLZD lottery draws with a BULC-XBLZD LP pool underway.

There's a whole world of exciting opportunities out there!

Ready to learn more?

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