Your automated trading bots
Our automated trading bots form the foundation for the BullGlobal ecosystem.
It is our goal to offer something for everyone whether new to the crypto space or seasoned expert our products are set up to be simply plug and play whilst also catering for more complex analytics and customization for those that require it.
With this in mind there are few methods to access the bots;
  • Monthly Subscription - Our bots from at $100 - $300 pm for entry to the tiered level strategies.
  • Non Fungible Tokens - Purchase one of our NFTs for access see Launch details - these act as your ticket into the BullGlobal Ecosystem. We are also investigating more innovative access solutions using NFTs as ownership mechanisms so stay tuned - sneak peak
  • Special Offers - Access through competition prizes, trial periods are all in scope and will be delivered throughout 2023 to support wider access and customer on boarding
All payments are to be made in BullCoin

Our Services

In 2022 users will be able to sign up to our products directly through the website.
Whilst the strategies are designed to be completely hands off users are able to pause or indeed completely stop the bots from running if they so wish. Our strategies are fully mechanical and therefor lend themselves to automation, where discretion is required, assumptions have been strenuously back tested across various trading instruments to optimise for performance and protection of capital.