Fractional Property Ownership

Currently looking into legalities in offering a fractional property ownership pool using NFTs as digital legal verification. I have over 18 years in the property development sector with my last project selling for over $ 5m in total. I believe using this experience and contacts to achieve purchases below market would put us in a different league to potential competitors.

We are currently being offered some incredible property options due to the estate agent directors I personally know. A large building team is in waiting to take on anything we decide to move onto. We have one of the best solicitors in the country for property purchases/sales. We also have a compliance team consisting of retired and active FCS and HMRC officers. Again this gives us a huge advantage over other projects attempting to build in this sector.

We estimate a 6% APR offer to meet current market returns and would be looking to onboard up to $100m in the first raise. This will allow us to purchase a vast property portfolio consisting of high value homes with long term renters signed up. Full landlords insurances will be undertaken to ensure we cover all possible risks.

20% of funds will be held in our BullVault. This will be our operational pot covering anything from a leaking roof to new kitchen tap. The % held here will be pegged to give stakers peace of mind we can cover all bases in the event of a string of fixings. Between 10% and 20% of rent will top up the BullVault and once we hit our cap user will be airdropped their BUSD ( amount will be decided on the amount of % of pool they own at the current time )

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